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What STAR is looking for

We are looking to generate good risk-adjusted returns by investing in strategic assets or capital-intensive businesses that typically have many of the following characteristics:

  • The ability to generate stable long-term operating cash flows (particularly where these are supported by contracts);
  • Location principally in Western Europe (EU and EFTA);
  • A strategic position within its commercial and competitive environment - i.e. it cannot be stranded;
  • A discrete range of manageable business risks;
  • Enterprise values in the range of €50 million to €1 billion;
  • Where we can work with an experienced management team who can demonstrate their ability to manage asset backed businesses in the relevant industry sector;
  • The ability to add value through restructuring, refinancing, exploiting excess capacity and/or acquiring and aggregating similar type businesses or assets;
  • Ideally, offer a platform for further investment in assets and/or acquisition.

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STAR is looking for the opportunity to invest in capital-intensive businesses that have the ability to generate stable long-term cash flows.